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Oral hygiene do not underestimate its importance!

December 11, 2017
Oral hygiene It is known that properly brushing teeth and flossing are effective ways to promote a healthy balance of bacteria in the mouth. An imbalance between bacteria and acidity, as well as the deficiency of calcium in the teeth can trigger in the appearance of cavities, responsible for destroying the enamel of the teeth.

Once the microbes penetrate the enamel of the teeth, they release enzymes that break down the collagen from the internal structure of their teeth producing cavities and even causing the total loss of the dental piece. A measure that can neutralize the oral acidity, consists of brushing the teeth with baking soda, can be used by mixing with the toothpaste or as mouthwash diluting in a little water.

Bad oral hygiene can cause very unfortunate consequences!

Deficient oral hygiene can trigger many other oral health problems in addition to tooth decay: bad breath or halitosis, plaque, gingivitis, periodontitis, are some of these possible conditions. This is why it is very important to apply the appropriate hygiene measures in order to prevent all these drawbacks and to enjoy a perfect oral health.
It is not enough to go to the dentist once a year, it is essential to turn certain hygienic practices into a daily habit to make the effect noticeable. Brush your teeth regularly to be sure to clean any remaining food in your mouth after eating food. Implementing the custom of flossing and/or mouthwash at least twice a day are good practices that will contribute not only to maintaining oral health but also allowing us to keep a fresh and pleasant breath.
As for toothbrushing, make sure to use a suitable toothbrush, which has soft bristles and whose head can access all places of the mouth. The toothbrush to be used should be changed regularly, every two or three months or when the bristle wear is observed.
Smooth circular movements should be applied to the molar surfaces, while the teeth should be brushed with horizontal movements from one side to the other or vertical from the gums to the opposite direction. In the same way, try to brush the internal surfaces of all the dental pieces.

Don’t put your guard down in the care of your teeth!

Enjoying good oral health is something that we sometimes take for granted, but if we lose it, we will feel how uncomfortable and painful it can be the consequences of not taking the necessary preventive measures. Neglecting oral hygiene can bring quite unpleasant consequences and that they would have been relatively easy to avoid with a little daily dedication and at a much lower cost than what it would entail to treat medically some of the diseases that we could Acquired due to such carelessness.
For all of the above, it is important that you examine your oral hygiene habits and inform you about it. Today there is a lot of information available on the Web, where in addition, you can even enter consultation forums with medical professionals or, you can request a personal consultation with your trusted dentist in order to receive the guidance or recommendations that You can continue to recover or keep your oral health.