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Brackets: Something very notable before and after!

December 10, 2017
Brackets before and after

Brackets before and after although it is more common for children and adolescents to use braces or orthodontics, it is increasingly common for adults to opt for this alternative to improve their smile. In any case, there is much you can research about the brackets before and after using them, so that you are prepared if you dare to put them on and take that big step that can represent a radical change in the appearance of your face.

Many people, although they would have required it, did not use braces in childhood or adolescence simply because they did not have the resources to do so, because these treatments are often expensive. Already in adult life, many doubt to go to an orthodontist because they consider that they are no longer in age for it.

The truth is that age is not a limitation to improve the appearance of your teeth. Just enough that you have the willingness and desire to do so, as well as the help of a good professional who puts the device and do the proper follow-up to your case.

Brackets before and after
Brackets before and after

Before placing the orthodontic appliance, your doctor will usually perform some previous treatments or refer you to the specialist as the case may be. Caries problems, dental cleaning or treating gum conditions are convenient to do before placing the brackets.

After placing the device, the patient must make periodic visits to the orthodontist, who will be in charge of following up the case and making the adjustments in order to correct the shape or location of the teeth.

In some cases, it will be necessary to remove teeth, to give the necessary space to the correct alignment of the teeth, especially in cases of dental crowding. It will be the medical professional who will determine if this is necessary for each patient in particular Brackets before and after.

Once placed, keep oral hygiene to the fullest!

Once you have decided, during the time that the treatment lasts it is very important to take some special measures of hygiene, since the appliance can cause that a greater amount of food remains accumulates between the teeth. For this, you can find some special brushes for the care of teeth with orthodontic appliances, as well as, use mouthwash at least twice a day, in addition to conventional brushing.

It often happens that after the orthodontic appliance is removed some small spots remain where the pressure was applied to the teeth, so many people who have used orthodontics wish to perform a teeth whitening treatment to show off their teeth. pride your new and improved smile.

The whitening treatments are also performed by the dentist or dentist in his office, and consist, basically, in covering the teeth with a solution based on hydrogen peroxide, which can remove stains and lighten the color of the teeth.

Also available in the market are some dental creams that we can use to help have whiter and brighter teeth or try some popular home remedy such as mixing baking soda with your regular toothpaste and brushing your teeth with this mixture. two or three times a week.

Everything is worth it to have a commercial smile!