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Bad smell of mouth do you struggle with this problem? Know how to fight it!

December 11, 2017
It has happened to all of us that when we approach a person we talk to, it repels us with the air that comes out of its mouth. It is a somewhat unpleasant moment and the bewilderment that causes such a situation a little difficult to disguise is truly uncomfortable. Now, having a bad mouth odor is something that is not alien to any human being.

Even in celebrity news and celebrities are given special attention to situations like these, when in some article of entertainment refer to that or that artist is known for his bad breath, or that some partner does not want to work with this or That colleague because of his unpleasant halitosis.
It is always possible that it is to give more publicity to the members of the world of the spectacle but the truth is that the bad smell of mouth is not pleasing to anyone, especially for those who must perceive the bad smell but also for the person who suffers it by the rejection that OC Asioa.
We humans are sociable beings, we need to interact constantly with our peers and each person will always have a more or less large circle (depending on their social skills) with which they will have some proximity. In this circle people will seek the acceptance of their peers in order to weave ties that allow us to establish relationships of friendship, fellowship and mutual help.
This is especially the case between teenagers and young adults, where any situation that dull the acceptance of an individual in the group will cause it to be emotionally affected. In this sense, bad breath is a slightly more serious factor than you might think, because for a teenager suffer it can be a problem when you get the aforementioned acceptance of the group to which you belong or want to belong.

Fight against halitosis by safeguarding self-esteem!

Adolescents or young adults tend to be unsympathetic in these cases and tend to the exclusion of the partner who suffers from halitosis, or submit to the mockery or derision (bullying).
It is possible that we ourselves do not perceive that we have bad breath, because it is our own smell and our sense of smell can be adapted in such a way that we cannot notice it. However, for the people around us it can be very evident depending on the severity of the halitosis and the proximity with which we have to communicate.
In any case, even if the one who suffers the bad breath realizes by itself, soon someone will let him know implicitly or explicitly and that, in many cases will be cause of shame for the affected, who will see hurt his own love and may prefer to isolate be expressed openly.
But since bad breath is something so common that we have all suffered once, we must try to be more careful as to how we handle the deal with a relative or friend who manifests it. There is no need to be cruel or derogatory with these people, but rather try to understand their condition, let them know that there are many alternatives that can do to solve the problem, and especially that we are willing to support them.
To solve it, the first thing is to consult with a specialist, to carry out some tests and to follow the pertinent treatment according to your case, a good hygiene, healthy food and the direct treatment of any other cause, will eradicate the problem with the due Record. And … fixed matter!